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I am not very good at doing this every day, am I? Just assume on the days I'm not posting I'm wearing jeans and a stripy top. Or maybe yet another blue dress.

* Drapy navy sacklike garment, Cos
* Usual watch of Baume and Mercier loveliness which probably needs a slightly less tatty strap
* Unseen purple tights (after morning crisis where could only find navy tights OF THE WRONG NAVY AAAAARRGHHHH), M&S
* Maroon trainers, Nike
* Glamorous background courtesy of the posh hotel where we had our Women In Engineering afternoon tea, ie an excuse to have work natter while drinking gin cocktails out of teapots and eating tiny sandwiches.

I am going OUT again tonight, like some kind of young person. I am quite looking forward to it, but also quite looking forward to spending the weekend in B's parents' house sleeping and occasionally being fed roast potatoes. I may also nervously attempt to drive our car (have been having LESSONS and now could feasibly drive someone somewhere if they put a gun to my head and didn't mind me occasionally stalling at junctions).
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Hello! I have been in Mallorca! I have not caught up on the internets, so please tell me if anything thrilling has happened in my absence.

Mallorca was lovely, with much fine scenery and beaches and food and whatnot. Though I would have liked the GREAT HEAT OF THE DAYSTAR to maybe turn itself down a bit when we were climbing up a very steep hill on our second day's hiking. I may have shaken my fist at the sky, a bit. Though at least, unlike B, I wasn't carrying 13.5 kilos of toddler on my back at the time.

Also re: hiking, a big red flag to watch out for in guidebooks is "little-used path". Well, not unless you like bashing your way through extremely spiky vegetation/slidey gravel/steep rocks trying to find said path, eventually giving up and making your noble driver [livejournal.com profile] niallm come and meet you at an entirely different location to the one you agreed on earlier.

Also A is obsessed with the sea. I am fairly sure he doesn't have the Innsmouth Look...
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We played at yet another festival at the weekend - Castlepalooza, which had many things to recommend it, not least being a half hour's drive from B's parents house. Babysitting and comfy bed to sleep in ahoy!

It was kind of a weird 'un. As Vin said, "it doesn't seem to be really about the music, more about the concept, but I'm not sure what the concept is, other than 'drinking beside a castle'". Unlike its predecessor at the castle, the Mor festival, which was very chin-strokingly beardy indie, this was all a lot more "young people's local singalong indie" and a lot of, as I discovered while sitting around on Sunday afternoon, total shite. Yes, band on the main stage with about eight million people who still sounded like a particularly twee and poorly amplified busker, I am talking about you. And you, band who sounded potentially interesting until your crap singer started and you added that four to the floor bass drum.

Still, though. I kind of liked it. The admission fee was small (hence the lack of big name bands) and it was on a train line and there wasn't anything too frightening on the bill, basically aiming it squarely at The Young People while not being a teenage pissup. More "early 20s want to go to a boutique festival but can't afford/amn't so muso I'll save for Electric Picnic et al" than "I've just done my leaving and want to get drunk and burn things at Oxegen".

And the setting was lovely, our set went well, I got to spend the afternoon swanning around sans babyman in manner of young carefree person, and Adebisi Shank (who were on after us) were tip top. Glenn from Somadrone (also top) said they were like listening to Thin Lizzy IN THE FUTURE.
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Is it my imagination, or is this basically suggesting that you pay twelve quid to hold your trousers up with a piece of rope, in manner of elderly Irish farmer at the mart (though, come to think of it, that might be baling twine)?

In other entirely frivolous news (and the reason why I am looking at belt shops on the internet), some years ago I had a belt that looked a bit like this, only less old and rainbow-coloured. It was extremely comfy (being very flat, thin, and stretchy) and v handy if (like me) you have a hip/waist ratio such that trousers tend to gape a bit at the waist. Has anyone seen such a thing anywhere else? Web searches for "elastic belt" are getting me a)trusses, b)wide fancy-buckled eighties monstrosities, and c)belts aimed at the sort of person who also buys extra wide sheepskin booties from ads in the back of the Daily Mail magazine.

Also small child slept well(ish) last night! I am as ONE REBORN.
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Right, you should all rush out and buy the new Wire album. Because it is a thing of poptastic loveliness, and the end of the last track feels like light pouring out of your head. Or something.
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Arlo just stood up from the ground, unsupported! Rather fantastically, he did so, as far as I can see, in order to dance to [livejournal.com profile] ultraruby's Best Of 2010 comp.

before falling on his bottom.
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Apparently a house round the corner from us was struck by lightning last night.


Aug. 19th, 2010 08:28 pm
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Many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] shermarama, who posted a link to this roasted squash pasta recipe on The Community That Dare Not Speak Its Name. I made it this evening, and not only was it greatly enjoyed by the adult members of the household, I have also discovered that Arlo would quite possibly sell us into the white slave trade for butternut squash.
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So, er, the thing I said yesterday about not pulling himself up on things...?
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Yesterday afternoon was unexpectedly, gloriously sunny, so B and Karl and I girded our loins and went swimming off the Bull Wall. I've walked down the wall umpteen times, past the ancient bathing shelters, but always kind of saw them as relics of Auld Dublin, not something to actually use, with their LADIES SHELTER and MENS SHELTER signs and their peeling paint and slick steps down into the unappealing freezing sea. But actually, when it's warm, they're a perfectly pleasant place to change and launch yourself into the waves, and the sea was glorious. Calm and cool and a view of ferries and container ships coming in and out of the docks. One old bloke said he'd been swimming with a seal earlier.

The other thing I really liked, though, was that far from being moribund conveniences that were only used on the very rare occasion of sunshine, there appeared to be an established Ancient Bathing Shelters social scene. The men's shelter (from what I could see) had a bunch of chatty auld lads sunning themselves. And when I went in to the ladies' shelter the first thing I saw was a tiny birdlike old lady in an enormous hat and a floral frock with rolled down stockings, perched on a deckchair and discussing flipflops with her slightly younger friend, who was sunbathing topless and reading a trashy novel. A bunch of elderly ladies towelling their hair and inviting another young(er) arrival to lock her bike to theirs, sure the bike was the only way to get around, I'd prefer it to any ould car, and isn't the sea lovely today.

It was great.
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Perhaps inspired by [livejournal.com profile] hfnuala's tales of her daughter's crawling exploits, Arlo has suddenly started crawling forwards. FAST. So far today I have had to rescue him from the fireplace (repeatedly) and from trying to eat the bin. Nothing is safe. Eep.

I am just not going to tell him about her pulling up on things, I think...
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  • Attempting to remove his own nappy.
  • Crawling. Backwards. Or at least, I left him on one bit of the kitchen floor and found him a few minutes later somewhere else entirely, looking both proud and slightly bemused. Either that or he's learned to teleport.
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Is this the greatest politician's name ever?

I particularly like the fact that there are four generations of them.
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The things you find when trawling the internet for bands you used to see when you were a young 'un...

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Visited Mamas and Papas baby and pregnant lady things website. Purchased pairs of reduced-price maternity tights as part of my endless quest to acquire same that do not fall down. Noticed there was reduced-price babywear. Found a couple of nice things, including small fuzzy jacket (brown), small knit hoodie (brown and white striped), and small leggings (grey and teal striped). The brown items are billed as Unisex. The leggings are billed as "boys' leggings". Further exploration of the site revealed that only white and brown/beige things are deemed appropriate for both boy and girl babies. All baby girls' clothes have pink on them somewhere. All other colours belong to boys (though they mostly get blue).

FFS. I don't know why I'm even surprised anymore, but it still gives me the fury.

Purchased "boys' leggings" anyway AND I WILL PUT THEM ON A GIRL IF I HAVE ONE, SEE IF I DON'T.

(See also an excellent rant on the subject on String Revolution.)
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So I got a cab home from town yesterday because B and I went out for a large tasty meal and I was feeling full and lazyvery pregnant, and hence got to hear a travel ad on FM104 for a package holiday to Istanbul. The ad narrator talked about the excellent value, lovely hotel, price including flights and everything, really, you should come to Istanbul on this special deal, and that you could see all the sights, including...

(would he mention the Hagia Sophia, magnificent example of Byzantine architecture?)

(would he mention the Ottoman palaces and mosques?)

(would he mention the fashionable new bars and hotels?)

...Europe's largest shopping centre. Well, that'd have me on a plane to any destination, I'm sure.

Though maybe not certain parts of Peru.


Nov. 13th, 2009 12:04 pm
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Knitting fail: the moment when you realize that the reason why one of the mittens you've just finished is smaller than the other one is because you forgot to do a pattern repeat about halfway down said mitten.


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