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We played at yet another festival at the weekend - Castlepalooza, which had many things to recommend it, not least being a half hour's drive from B's parents house. Babysitting and comfy bed to sleep in ahoy!

It was kind of a weird 'un. As Vin said, "it doesn't seem to be really about the music, more about the concept, but I'm not sure what the concept is, other than 'drinking beside a castle'". Unlike its predecessor at the castle, the Mor festival, which was very chin-strokingly beardy indie, this was all a lot more "young people's local singalong indie" and a lot of, as I discovered while sitting around on Sunday afternoon, total shite. Yes, band on the main stage with about eight million people who still sounded like a particularly twee and poorly amplified busker, I am talking about you. And you, band who sounded potentially interesting until your crap singer started and you added that four to the floor bass drum.

Still, though. I kind of liked it. The admission fee was small (hence the lack of big name bands) and it was on a train line and there wasn't anything too frightening on the bill, basically aiming it squarely at The Young People while not being a teenage pissup. More "early 20s want to go to a boutique festival but can't afford/amn't so muso I'll save for Electric Picnic et al" than "I've just done my leaving and want to get drunk and burn things at Oxegen".

And the setting was lovely, our set went well, I got to spend the afternoon swanning around sans babyman in manner of young carefree person, and Adebisi Shank (who were on after us) were tip top. Glenn from Somadrone (also top) said they were like listening to Thin Lizzy IN THE FUTURE.
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Right, you should all rush out and buy the new Wire album. Because it is a thing of poptastic loveliness, and the end of the last track feels like light pouring out of your head. Or something.
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Arlo just stood up from the ground, unsupported! Rather fantastically, he did so, as far as I can see, in order to dance to [livejournal.com profile] ultraruby's Best Of 2010 comp.

before falling on his bottom.
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The things you find when trawling the internet for bands you used to see when you were a young 'un...

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I have just found an Orbital remix of the Golden Girls' "Kinetic" that may actually be made of pure, bottled mid-nineties.
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Leonard Cohen singing "Hallelujah" last night == IN YOUR FACE, STUPID X FACTOR WOMAN.

Awesome gig.

Also, is it wrong to fancy Leonard Cohen?
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Yes, it's shameless plug time again. Except this one is for a really good cause and I think you should all go. Go on go on go on go on go on...

One For The Road:

A Road Records Benefit & Celebration
Saturday March 14th 2009
Andrew’s Lane Theatre
8.00pm – 2.30am
Doors 7.30PM sharp

€20 + booking fee
Tickets From Road Records, Tower Records, www.tickets.ie & WAV box office 1890 200 078

The Jimmy Cake
Si Schroeder
Colm Mac Con Iomaire
Adrian Crowley
The Large Corporation (Dudley Corporation Vs Large Mound)
Road Records DJs

On January 15th 2009 Road Records of Fade Street in Dublin City announced that it would soon be closing its doors for the final time. Over the last 11 years Road Records has been a passionate torch-bearer for the spirit of independent music in Ireland. In Dave, Julie & Dylan you had some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable and helpful folk you could ever hope to introduce you to new music and the imminent loss of Road Records will be felt acutely by musicians and punters alike. To celebrate the legacy of Road Records and to help towards the debts incurred by Dave & Julie in keeping the shop open during hard times there will be in Andrew’s Lane on March 14th a wonderful array of live music from some the brightest lights in independent Irish music. This is a clarion call for supporters of independent music to show solidarity with one of it’s great Irish institutions and to collectively ensure that those independent retailers that still remain get the support they badly need to survive and to show that personality, variety & soul so perfectly embodied by Road are not outmoded retail concepts.

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Ten albums that made me! A difficult one, but here's what I picked...

Cut for teenage angst, drug references, and PROG )
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We played with Kraftwerk on Saturday! And hoorah, for the sun shone! Except not entirely hoorah, because it meant that a lot of people stayed outside instead of going into the tent where we were playing, but we still got a reasonable crowd, and our sound was decent despite not having a sound check. Result. We then packed all our stuff up and had a much-deserved beer and sit in the sun outside the green room, with occasional wanders out into the fray to hear music/buy burgers/meet friends/see acrobats/marvel at the boneheadedness of the organizers in providing one ill-staffed bar for 5,000 people. And then there were Kraftwerk, and they were most entertaining, having managed to turn "four men standing in a row doing not much" into a fine art. They had incredible visuals! They had ROBOT VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES! They made much reference to bicycles! V. enjoyable altogether.

And then, as per last week, all and sundry (this time including a very affable Dutch chap) went back to someone's house (Vinnie's, this time), and there was drinking and silliness and hilarity and making Vinnie play us his entire record collection and hangovers the next day. I am possibly still tired...
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I had one of those vaguely crabby Monday afternoons yesterday: various minor work annoyances, then went into town to buy cucumber face wipes in Boots and THEY HAD NONE (I know, my tiny little first world problems), and then had the world's most meh "burrito" in Nude (it appeared to have been toasted in a sandwich toaster. Seriously, people.) and was generally expecting the rest of my day to stay at the same level of general "bleah". But then! I went to a gig and things took a turn for the considerably better. Hoorah for live music.

The first band was Yacht, a man who has realized that the way to make a one-man-and-his-laptop gig look exciting is RIDICULOUS DANCING. Lots of it. Including a considerable amount of throwing himself into the audience. Really endearing, very poppy (a bit like a cross between !!! and Max Tundra), very good fun. Sadly, he had run out of CDs by the time I attempted to buy one (he had a selection of little homemade signs beside the merch stall, apologizing for this but offering some of his "illegally imported" t-shirts instead. Or hugs. Or answers to questions). Then came Deerhunter, who I've seen described as "ambient punk", and are in fact evidence that SHOEGAZING IS BACK. They even had cardigans. Really good set, with a couple of tracks that were just delicious huge noisy washes of sound with a pulsing, precise bass to hang onto through them, bass player grinning like an eejit because I'M MAKING THIS - lovely stuff. If really fucking loud. Sorry, ears. Quiet pint afterwards (stopping on the way out of Whelans to buy some Deerhunter "product" and commiserate with the Yacht man on the death of his cat), midnight cycle home with smiles and still slightly ringing ears. Sometimes Mondays aren't so bad...
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