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Hello! I have been in Mallorca! I have not caught up on the internets, so please tell me if anything thrilling has happened in my absence.

Mallorca was lovely, with much fine scenery and beaches and food and whatnot. Though I would have liked the GREAT HEAT OF THE DAYSTAR to maybe turn itself down a bit when we were climbing up a very steep hill on our second day's hiking. I may have shaken my fist at the sky, a bit. Though at least, unlike B, I wasn't carrying 13.5 kilos of toddler on my back at the time.

Also re: hiking, a big red flag to watch out for in guidebooks is "little-used path". Well, not unless you like bashing your way through extremely spiky vegetation/slidey gravel/steep rocks trying to find said path, eventually giving up and making your noble driver [livejournal.com profile] niallm come and meet you at an entirely different location to the one you agreed on earlier.

Also A is obsessed with the sea. I am fairly sure he doesn't have the Innsmouth Look...
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Yesterday afternoon was unexpectedly, gloriously sunny, so B and Karl and I girded our loins and went swimming off the Bull Wall. I've walked down the wall umpteen times, past the ancient bathing shelters, but always kind of saw them as relics of Auld Dublin, not something to actually use, with their LADIES SHELTER and MENS SHELTER signs and their peeling paint and slick steps down into the unappealing freezing sea. But actually, when it's warm, they're a perfectly pleasant place to change and launch yourself into the waves, and the sea was glorious. Calm and cool and a view of ferries and container ships coming in and out of the docks. One old bloke said he'd been swimming with a seal earlier.

The other thing I really liked, though, was that far from being moribund conveniences that were only used on the very rare occasion of sunshine, there appeared to be an established Ancient Bathing Shelters social scene. The men's shelter (from what I could see) had a bunch of chatty auld lads sunning themselves. And when I went in to the ladies' shelter the first thing I saw was a tiny birdlike old lady in an enormous hat and a floral frock with rolled down stockings, perched on a deckchair and discussing flipflops with her slightly younger friend, who was sunbathing topless and reading a trashy novel. A bunch of elderly ladies towelling their hair and inviting another young(er) arrival to lock her bike to theirs, sure the bike was the only way to get around, I'd prefer it to any ould car, and isn't the sea lovely today.

It was great.
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We played with Kraftwerk on Saturday! And hoorah, for the sun shone! Except not entirely hoorah, because it meant that a lot of people stayed outside instead of going into the tent where we were playing, but we still got a reasonable crowd, and our sound was decent despite not having a sound check. Result. We then packed all our stuff up and had a much-deserved beer and sit in the sun outside the green room, with occasional wanders out into the fray to hear music/buy burgers/meet friends/see acrobats/marvel at the boneheadedness of the organizers in providing one ill-staffed bar for 5,000 people. And then there were Kraftwerk, and they were most entertaining, having managed to turn "four men standing in a row doing not much" into a fine art. They had incredible visuals! They had ROBOT VERSIONS OF THEMSELVES! They made much reference to bicycles! V. enjoyable altogether.

And then, as per last week, all and sundry (this time including a very affable Dutch chap) went back to someone's house (Vinnie's, this time), and there was drinking and silliness and hilarity and making Vinnie play us his entire record collection and hangovers the next day. I am possibly still tired...

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