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  • We had Karl and Kali round for dinner last night and their one year old son became hopelessly, delightedly besotted with our teapot. We were only able to prise it from him when he became too sleepy to hang on to it.
  • I am wearing trousers with an elasticated waistband. Yes, that time has come. They are actually v. comfy, perhaps I will never wear anything else ever .... CHIZ CHIZ WHAT AM I SAYING??? I have also invested in maternity tights and a stretchy jersey skirt to add to my maternogarb stash, as my bump appears to have expanded to an alarming degree recently and HARDLY ANYTHING FITS. Mercifully I have not expanded anywhere else much, so I just look like I've stuffed a cushion up my front.
  • Speaking of the bump, it kicks! It got very lively this morning at my antenatal class, perhaps it was excited at being in the presence of so many of its imprisoned kind. Either that or it likes my jeans' elasticated panel. It is tasteful.
  • [livejournal.com profile] stellanova, I bought those shoes in shiny blue! They are lovely.
  • ...unlike our current weather, which SUCKS.
  • TOO MUCH TO DO IN WORK. Oh well. But!
  • I am going to Copenhagen on Thursday for a long weekend of loafing, museuming, and pastry-eating.

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