Aug. 19th, 2010 08:28 pm
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Many thanks to [ profile] shermarama, who posted a link to this roasted squash pasta recipe on The Community That Dare Not Speak Its Name. I made it this evening, and not only was it greatly enjoyed by the adult members of the household, I have also discovered that Arlo would quite possibly sell us into the white slave trade for butternut squash.
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I am currently eating a very small but extremely delicious Cox's Orange Pippin.
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I made the peas with fettucine, pumpkin seeds, and basil from here last night after the gym (oooh, me legs). I can report that it is v. v. tasty and almost ridiculously quick. Though I think I might add a squirt of lemon to it next time....
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I have just eaten a ready meal that was ... quite nice. Wonders will never cease. It was a bean and lentil thing with halloumi cheese from the M&S new "No, really, these aren't full of crap" range (I think they're called Healthily Balanced, or something), and it was pretty tasty with lots of veg. The ingredients list seemed to be just recognizable foodstuffs rather than additives, too. Obviously not as nice as I could make myself, and humungously more expensive (€4.99 for a lentilly dinner, dear heavens), but a handy stop-gap for a night when I have to go straight from work to choir.

I am still sad about my coat. I'm now fairly sure that the sensible thing to do is bring it back (if such a thing is possible), and its ooh-pretty cuteness has been rather soured for me by it's not-quite-rightness. And then I'll need to find another one. Sigh.

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