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I am not very good at doing this every day, am I? Just assume on the days I'm not posting I'm wearing jeans and a stripy top. Or maybe yet another blue dress.

* Drapy navy sacklike garment, Cos
* Usual watch of Baume and Mercier loveliness which probably needs a slightly less tatty strap
* Unseen purple tights (after morning crisis where could only find navy tights OF THE WRONG NAVY AAAAARRGHHHH), M&S
* Maroon trainers, Nike
* Glamorous background courtesy of the posh hotel where we had our Women In Engineering afternoon tea, ie an excuse to have work natter while drinking gin cocktails out of teapots and eating tiny sandwiches.

I am going OUT again tonight, like some kind of young person. I am quite looking forward to it, but also quite looking forward to spending the weekend in B's parents' house sleeping and occasionally being fed roast potatoes. I may also nervously attempt to drive our car (have been having LESSONS and now could feasibly drive someone somewhere if they put a gun to my head and didn't mind me occasionally stalling at junctions).
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Is it my imagination, or is this basically suggesting that you pay twelve quid to hold your trousers up with a piece of rope, in manner of elderly Irish farmer at the mart (though, come to think of it, that might be baling twine)?

In other entirely frivolous news (and the reason why I am looking at belt shops on the internet), some years ago I had a belt that looked a bit like this, only less old and rainbow-coloured. It was extremely comfy (being very flat, thin, and stretchy) and v handy if (like me) you have a hip/waist ratio such that trousers tend to gape a bit at the waist. Has anyone seen such a thing anywhere else? Web searches for "elastic belt" are getting me a)trusses, b)wide fancy-buckled eighties monstrosities, and c)belts aimed at the sort of person who also buys extra wide sheepskin booties from ads in the back of the Daily Mail magazine.

Also small child slept well(ish) last night! I am as ONE REBORN.
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  • We had Karl and Kali round for dinner last night and their one year old son became hopelessly, delightedly besotted with our teapot. We were only able to prise it from him when he became too sleepy to hang on to it.
  • I am wearing trousers with an elasticated waistband. Yes, that time has come. They are actually v. comfy, perhaps I will never wear anything else ever .... CHIZ CHIZ WHAT AM I SAYING??? I have also invested in maternity tights and a stretchy jersey skirt to add to my maternogarb stash, as my bump appears to have expanded to an alarming degree recently and HARDLY ANYTHING FITS. Mercifully I have not expanded anywhere else much, so I just look like I've stuffed a cushion up my front.
  • Speaking of the bump, it kicks! It got very lively this morning at my antenatal class, perhaps it was excited at being in the presence of so many of its imprisoned kind. Either that or it likes my jeans' elasticated panel. It is tasteful.
  • [livejournal.com profile] stellanova, I bought those shoes in shiny blue! They are lovely.
  • ...unlike our current weather, which SUCKS.
  • TOO MUCH TO DO IN WORK. Oh well. But!
  • I am going to Copenhagen on Thursday for a long weekend of loafing, museuming, and pastry-eating.
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So. I decided to go with the slightly sneaky coat-returning option, and just as I was handing it over (it passed the resaleability inspection), I asked was there any chance they had one of the larger size lurking in the stock room for me to try. Lo and behold, they did, and lo and behold, it was comfy around my giant shotputter shoulders, and LO AND BEHOLD, it had an adjustable waist thingy that I hadn't really noticed the first time I tried it, which allowed me to make it look considerably less like a duvet. I did a bit of Extreme Coat-testing (windmilling arms around like a loony, trying it on over two jumpers, etc.) while poor B pretended that he wasn't with me, and then decided to take it. I now have a coat! That I will actually wear! Hoorah!

It is still possibly a bit warm, but given that this morning was bleedin' freezing, that may be less of a consideration very soon.
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I have just eaten a ready meal that was ... quite nice. Wonders will never cease. It was a bean and lentil thing with halloumi cheese from the M&S new "No, really, these aren't full of crap" range (I think they're called Healthily Balanced, or something), and it was pretty tasty with lots of veg. The ingredients list seemed to be just recognizable foodstuffs rather than additives, too. Obviously not as nice as I could make myself, and humungously more expensive (€4.99 for a lentilly dinner, dear heavens), but a handy stop-gap for a night when I have to go straight from work to choir.

I am still sad about my coat. I'm now fairly sure that the sensible thing to do is bring it back (if such a thing is possible), and its ooh-pretty cuteness has been rather soured for me by it's not-quite-rightness. And then I'll need to find another one. Sigh.
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