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Visited Mamas and Papas baby and pregnant lady things website. Purchased pairs of reduced-price maternity tights as part of my endless quest to acquire same that do not fall down. Noticed there was reduced-price babywear. Found a couple of nice things, including small fuzzy jacket (brown), small knit hoodie (brown and white striped), and small leggings (grey and teal striped). The brown items are billed as Unisex. The leggings are billed as "boys' leggings". Further exploration of the site revealed that only white and brown/beige things are deemed appropriate for both boy and girl babies. All baby girls' clothes have pink on them somewhere. All other colours belong to boys (though they mostly get blue).

FFS. I don't know why I'm even surprised anymore, but it still gives me the fury.

Purchased "boys' leggings" anyway AND I WILL PUT THEM ON A GIRL IF I HAVE ONE, SEE IF I DON'T.

(See also an excellent rant on the subject on String Revolution.)
leedy: (Grumpy)
Via [livejournal.com profile] hfnuala, Bringing Home Rebecca.

Apparently she shouldn't worry about what happens if her "new boss" dies, because "the church will provide". Also as he will be a "Christian entrepreneur" rather than working for the man himself, he cannot fail financially!

*bangs head off desk*

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