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I am currently eating a very small but extremely delicious Cox's Orange Pippin.


Sep. 11th, 2009 01:20 pm
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Ok, I have far too many fiddly things to do that all involve me getting my brain into mode X, then just when I'm properly thinking about X, having to switch to mode Y - eg a small task that involves reading bits of Java, then another one that involves going back to something I wrote in Python about two years ago, then editing a policy document, then... All this and writing my annual review self-assessment. Joy.

To provide me with intermittent distraction/amusement during this "fun", please to be writing anonymous comments. Recipes, gossip, scandal, interesting facts, things that make you happy, links, confessions of undying love for Brian Cowen, anything goes. Ok, maybe not the last one. And play nice!
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I have just found an Orbital remix of the Golden Girls' "Kinetic" that may actually be made of pure, bottled mid-nineties.
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Via [livejournal.com profile] hfnuala, Bringing Home Rebecca.

Apparently she shouldn't worry about what happens if her "new boss" dies, because "the church will provide". Also as he will be a "Christian entrepreneur" rather than working for the man himself, he cannot fail financially!

*bangs head off desk*
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  • We had Karl and Kali round for dinner last night and their one year old son became hopelessly, delightedly besotted with our teapot. We were only able to prise it from him when he became too sleepy to hang on to it.
  • I am wearing trousers with an elasticated waistband. Yes, that time has come. They are actually v. comfy, perhaps I will never wear anything else ever .... CHIZ CHIZ WHAT AM I SAYING??? I have also invested in maternity tights and a stretchy jersey skirt to add to my maternogarb stash, as my bump appears to have expanded to an alarming degree recently and HARDLY ANYTHING FITS. Mercifully I have not expanded anywhere else much, so I just look like I've stuffed a cushion up my front.
  • Speaking of the bump, it kicks! It got very lively this morning at my antenatal class, perhaps it was excited at being in the presence of so many of its imprisoned kind. Either that or it likes my jeans' elasticated panel. It is tasteful.
  • [livejournal.com profile] stellanova, I bought those shoes in shiny blue! They are lovely.
  • ...unlike our current weather, which SUCKS.
  • TOO MUCH TO DO IN WORK. Oh well. But!
  • I am going to Copenhagen on Thursday for a long weekend of loafing, museuming, and pastry-eating.

film corner

Aug. 4th, 2009 10:24 am
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If you haven't already seen it, you should go and see Moon. Go! It looks beautiful, it's smart and intriguing and touching and frequently funny, Kevin Spacey is one of the great screen robots, and it's a good, old-fashioned clever science fiction story -- no explosions or fancy special effects, just a man in a very odd situation and how he deals with it. Oh, and the music is lovely.

In non-film news, I made a ham and apple pie on Sunday night. All other food may pale in comparison to it.
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Leonard Cohen singing "Hallelujah" last night == IN YOUR FACE, STUPID X FACTOR WOMAN.

Awesome gig.

Also, is it wrong to fancy Leonard Cohen?
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Yes, yes, I know it is BAD and WRONG to mock the well-intentioned writing attempts of the young. But still ... I give you: English Leaving Cert Answers Worth Reading, including such choice excerpts as:

"Parents you have to let your children out and explore. If they get lost and end up on the northside they’ll soon learn and head back south."

I am actually crying with laughter at my desk.
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According to this article, READING COUNTS AS EXERCISE! I am an ATHLETE.
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We went to see Fennesz last night, which was v. good. Much in the way of washy guitars and noisy electronics. Shoes were gazed at.

He goes like this... )

In other news, I appear to have swine flu a mild cold, which is a just plain WRONG thing to happen in May. I would like it to be over before I go on holiday, please.
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I planted the first of this summer's veg yesterday, in little starter-offer modules in the shed. I suspect my lack of agricultural experience showed when I was surprised that bean seeds are, er, beans. I have also planted chillies and courgettes and more herbs. Marvel at my touching optimism re: the Irish summer! Next week we are going to the garden centre and buying an apple tree. Oh yes.

Good weekend, even if it did feature a little too much cycling home in the pissing rain. We went to see Let The Right One In on Friday, which is brilliant and sad and touching and scary.

I have also decided that I want this dress, even though I cannot think of any occasion on which I would wear it. I must stop coveting clothes that are designed for a far more glamorous/sunny lifestyle than my own.
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We appear to have written a rave tune with vocals. And a stylophone solo.
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Watchmen funny )
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Joy, it is the first day of Proper Lovely Spring Weather, and not only am I in work, but I feel like I'm getting a cold. BOG OFF GERMS.

But! Had an ace extra-long weekend, and the gig went really really really really well, and people seemed to like our progtastic new stuff and hoorah. Also I bought a pair of bright pink shoes.

And! Look what I found! Yes, it is Rick Wakeman's White Rock, aka the soundtrack to my life when I was 9. Cupboard under the stairs and copy of The Lord Of The Rings optional.
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Yes, it's shameless plug time again. Except this one is for a really good cause and I think you should all go. Go on go on go on go on go on...

One For The Road:

A Road Records Benefit & Celebration
Saturday March 14th 2009
Andrew’s Lane Theatre
8.00pm – 2.30am
Doors 7.30PM sharp

€20 + booking fee
Tickets From Road Records, Tower Records, www.tickets.ie & WAV box office 1890 200 078

The Jimmy Cake
Si Schroeder
Colm Mac Con Iomaire
Adrian Crowley
The Large Corporation (Dudley Corporation Vs Large Mound)
Road Records DJs

On January 15th 2009 Road Records of Fade Street in Dublin City announced that it would soon be closing its doors for the final time. Over the last 11 years Road Records has been a passionate torch-bearer for the spirit of independent music in Ireland. In Dave, Julie & Dylan you had some of the friendliest, most knowledgeable and helpful folk you could ever hope to introduce you to new music and the imminent loss of Road Records will be felt acutely by musicians and punters alike. To celebrate the legacy of Road Records and to help towards the debts incurred by Dave & Julie in keeping the shop open during hard times there will be in Andrew’s Lane on March 14th a wonderful array of live music from some the brightest lights in independent Irish music. This is a clarion call for supporters of independent music to show solidarity with one of it’s great Irish institutions and to collectively ensure that those independent retailers that still remain get the support they badly need to survive and to show that personality, variety & soul so perfectly embodied by Road are not outmoded retail concepts.

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Good God, what's happened to the weather? It's pitch dark out there.

I need to cycle to yoga in it in a few hours. Wibble.
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Ten albums that made me! A difficult one, but here's what I picked...

Cut for teenage angst, drug references, and PROG )
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