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I am not very good at doing this every day, am I? Just assume on the days I'm not posting I'm wearing jeans and a stripy top. Or maybe yet another blue dress.

* Drapy navy sacklike garment, Cos
* Usual watch of Baume and Mercier loveliness which probably needs a slightly less tatty strap
* Unseen purple tights (after morning crisis where could only find navy tights OF THE WRONG NAVY AAAAARRGHHHH), M&S
* Maroon trainers, Nike
* Glamorous background courtesy of the posh hotel where we had our Women In Engineering afternoon tea, ie an excuse to have work natter while drinking gin cocktails out of teapots and eating tiny sandwiches.

I am going OUT again tonight, like some kind of young person. I am quite looking forward to it, but also quite looking forward to spending the weekend in B's parents' house sleeping and occasionally being fed roast potatoes. I may also nervously attempt to drive our car (have been having LESSONS and now could feasibly drive someone somewhere if they put a gun to my head and didn't mind me occasionally stalling at junctions).

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