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We played at yet another festival at the weekend - Castlepalooza, which had many things to recommend it, not least being a half hour's drive from B's parents house. Babysitting and comfy bed to sleep in ahoy!

It was kind of a weird 'un. As Vin said, "it doesn't seem to be really about the music, more about the concept, but I'm not sure what the concept is, other than 'drinking beside a castle'". Unlike its predecessor at the castle, the Mor festival, which was very chin-strokingly beardy indie, this was all a lot more "young people's local singalong indie" and a lot of, as I discovered while sitting around on Sunday afternoon, total shite. Yes, band on the main stage with about eight million people who still sounded like a particularly twee and poorly amplified busker, I am talking about you. And you, band who sounded potentially interesting until your crap singer started and you added that four to the floor bass drum.

Still, though. I kind of liked it. The admission fee was small (hence the lack of big name bands) and it was on a train line and there wasn't anything too frightening on the bill, basically aiming it squarely at The Young People while not being a teenage pissup. More "early 20s want to go to a boutique festival but can't afford/amn't so muso I'll save for Electric Picnic et al" than "I've just done my leaving and want to get drunk and burn things at Oxegen".

And the setting was lovely, our set went well, I got to spend the afternoon swanning around sans babyman in manner of young carefree person, and Adebisi Shank (who were on after us) were tip top. Glenn from Somadrone (also top) said they were like listening to Thin Lizzy IN THE FUTURE.

Date: 2011-08-03 09:12 am (UTC)
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Speaking as someone who is TERRIFIED of festivals, Castlepalooza sounds more or less the size of festival I could cope with. How does one get into festivals, anyway?

Date: 2011-08-03 09:35 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] leedy.livejournal.com
Yes, it was quite teeny and very unthreatening!

If you fancy dipping a toe into going to festivals, I'd probably go for something small and aimed at Old People as it means it will almost certainly have nice food, relatively civilized toilets, and you won't be woken up at 4am by your neighbours shouting about badgers/playing gabba on a giant sound system that fills their entire tent/attempting to play the guitar/burning their tent down* (or you might find a nice B&B nearby). This (http://www.cornburypark.co.uk/musicfestival.php) looks like the right kind of malarkey. Discussions! Nature walks!

Avoid anything predominantly attended by young people who are there for the drinking. No good will come of it.

*This happened to me at Glasto one year. Some fool attempted to escape the rain and lit his gas stove inside his tent. Cue enormous whoosh of flame and man suddenly sitting outside again, surrounded by the charred remains of his habitation.

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